Region 8 business owner working to help the homeless

Region 8 business owner working to help the homeless

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There is a population in Region 8 that is less fortunate than most. They are in most, if not all, of our towns.

One Jonesboro man said he couldn't help but notice the need and now he has his eyes fixed on helping the homeless in town with some help.

If there's one thing Mike McGaha has learned since opening up a tattoo parlor, it's that you never know who you'll meet.

"We see all kinds of walks of life here," McGaha said.

A glass fronted business, Extreme Creations gives a perfect view of many who frequent downtown Jonesboro, including the less fortunate.

"They're great people," McGaha said. "Just different walks of life, that's all."

McGaha said he, his wife and his friends usually find small ways to help out.

"When we go eat down here, we make sure we bring our leftovers or bring extra food," he said. "We've got a couple of them that we make sure they're taken care of when they come around."

McGaha said recently though, it was placed upon their hearts to take that kindness a step further.

He, his wife and his friends brought blankets to a place many people rarely see of the downtown area; underneath the overpass, right beside the railroad tracks.

It was there that McGaha found someone who turned a small act of kindness into a movement.

"Instead of just handing him stuff, we were able to get down and talk with him," McGaha said of the person they handed a blanket to.

"He wasn't one that was down as far as spiritually," McGaha explained. "When we left that night, it was like we was given something."

Days later, when that same man walked into his tattoo parlor, he saw what a difference they made.

"He was clean shaven, had a hair cut, his clothes looked nice," McGaha said.

The man told him his dad caught wind of the situation, got back in touch with him and gave him a job.

"He kept saying that it gave him meaning that someone cared," McGaha said.

It gave them meaning too.

McGaha said they now plan on gathering up backpacks full of warm clothing, hygienic supplies and phone cards to help even more of the homeless population.

"Sometimes we need to go back to the basics," he said. "It's not all about money. It's not all about what somebody can do for you. It's what you can do for others."

McGaha said they are collecting items like blankets, pillows, hats, gloves and backpacks to put it all in.

To donate supplies or money to help give these backpacks, contact McGaha at 870-530-4198.

You can also contact his wife, Tracy, at 870-530-4197.

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