Old Downtown Historic Building Gets Facelift

March 18, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--The ‘Old Mercantile Bank’ Building’s received a face lift and is now back open for business.  This time the building, which had been left for dead by previous owners, has been reincarnated as a law office for attorney Ted Stricker.


Stricker says he’s had his eye on the building since he first opened up an office inJonesboro.  At that time more than a decade ago the building was not for sale.  But once those owners gave up on retrofitting the building and bringing it up to code they put the building up for sale.  Stricker jumped in and bought the building and says now that it is complete it is far more beautiful than he ever imagined.


The building is now on the national registry of historic buildings.  In order to get the building on the list Stricker says they had to make it as close as possible to it’s original state.  In order to do this they have windows which lie on multiple floors along with tons of marble lining the floors and floorboards of the building.


The building's official grand opening occurred today and Stricker said workers were in the building still finishing small details mere hours before the ribbon cutting.