Greene County intersection worries people living nearby

Greene County intersection worries people living nearby

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - People who live near the intersection of Highway 69 and the 412 bypass in Greene County said Monday wrecks at the intersection are a common occurrence.

The Greene County Sheriff's Department released a post on their social media Saturday reminding drivers to be careful when in the area.

Those who live on Highway 69 said people do not realize they have to stop before crossing or turning onto the bypass.

David Willcockson said his father, who lives down the road, was in an accident at the intersection in December.

"There have been about 4 or 5 accidents since my father's and that was December 3rd," Willcockson said." About every seven to nine days, you go down there, you look at the intersection, you'll see glass, a headlight, parts of a bumper just from new accidents."

Willcockson said he would like to see an overpass go across the area, which he said would prevent accidents.

There are currently stop signs, flags and signs warning of upcoming stop signs at the intersection.

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