Another Region 8 school district gets ULockIt

Another Region 8 school district gets ULockIt

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Another Region 8 school has adopted the ULockIt system to keep students safe.

The Batesville School board plans to approve the purchase of 600 ULockIt systems.

ULockIt is a company based out of Conway. The lock systems are very hard to break, making them appealing to schools who want students safe from intruders.

"We saw that the classrooms needed some sort of barrier, something to make it not easy for an intruder to get in," Batesville Superintendent Gary Anderson said.

Anderson said the district has been looking at ways to make sure the school is always secure and prepared for situations like an intruder or active shooter.

"We have been thinking what can we do that the other schools that have had actual tragedies did not have in place," Anderson said.

The 600 locks will be purchased with reserve building funds and Anderson hopes to add more in the future.

"They will be in classrooms and other rooms students are present and we think there will be more as we go through this and progress through the process of installation," Anderson said.

Fire marshals approved the use of the lock and several schools have bought the system for classrooms.

Anderson told Region 8 News that Batesville facility and staff have been trained on intruder situations and how to alert 911, but this is just one more precautionary measure.

"We are not trying to cause alarm, but there was so much awareness raised over the summer that we thought we need to do something that will make everybody feel better," Anderson said.

The Batesville School district will install the locks as soon as they get them in.

Anderson said this will help school officials feel more prepared and secure.

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