AHTD crews work hard to clear ice covered roads

AHTD crews work hard to clear ice covered roads

(KAIT) - The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department worked Wednesday preparing the roads, and they do not plan to slow down anytime soon.

Region 8 saw ice covered roads Wednesday morning, but by the afternoon, much of the ice melted.

AHTD classifies the roads by four different categories, covered, mostly covered, partly covered and clear.

Some areas got more ice and snow than others, but District 10 engineer Walter McMillan said crews worked to clear as many as possible.

"The northern part of the district is what we classify as partly covered which means there are still quite a few ice patches," McMillan said.

AHTD started their work by pre-treating the road with brine early Tuesday morning in preparation for the weather that came that night.

"We put out about 12 thousand gallons all together and then our night crew came in last night," Area Maintenance Supervisor Ricky Hale said. "When the weather started we used the rock salt and the plows and whatever we needed to try and keep the lanes open."

Hale said their work is not done. AHTD expects roads to refreeze and there is a possibility for more inclement weather.

"We are stocking back up with the liquid brine and getting our equipment ready by preparing everything we can to get ready for the next one," Hale said.

McMillan said crews may have to treat roads with rock salt now.

"When it is dry you can treat it with the brine, but if it is wet or going to rain beforehand then we would treat it some rock salt," McMillan said.

Whatever the material crews decide is the best to use, McMillan says the department has plenty and will be able to treat the roads throughout the week.

"We will be able to restock the brine because we can make that ourselves and our rock salt is fully stocked before this started and we did not use it all," McMillan said. "So we will have enough on hand to get us through this storm."

AHTD crews also ask drivers to please be cautious. Ricky Hale said his crews will do the best to treat and clear the roads, but some are still slick.

Hale also said his drivers need room when treating the roads.

"If you see a truck going down the road and it is putting out chemicals, stay back from it a ways and let him do his job," Hale said "That way the road will be ready for them."

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