JPD offers tips for driving in winter weather

JPD offers tips for driving in winter weather
Wreck on Hwy 63
Wreck on Oak and Rains
Wreck on Oak and Rains

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The sound of police sirens echoed across Jonesboro Thursday as officers responded to a number of wrecks.

It was a normal scene for Sergeant Doug Formon, Jonesboro Police Department, who worked weather-related accidents on Wednesday.

As the city gears up for possible road problems Friday, Formon has advice for drivers.

"Give yourself that extra time if you absolutely have to go to work," Formon said.

Good advice considering what could happen if a driver hits a slick spot.

"You hit that ice and the next thing you know you're out of control and you're striking another vehicle or fixed objects," Formon said.

Police encourage drivers to take it slowly and not follow too closely behind other vehicles.

"Give yourself at least four times the normal distance you would on dry streets," Formon said.

If you do hit a piece of ice don't slam on your breaks.

"Get off the accelerator," Formon said. "Get off the brakes. Most of the time, not all of the time, the car will go ahead and grab again and get you back straight."

The wreck at the corner of Oak and Rains Thursday morning was minor, but with the possibility of winter weather Friday, Formon's best advice is not to risk it.

"If you don't have to go anywhere and you don't have to get out then please just stay home," Formon said.

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