Jackson County prepares for winter weather

Jackson County prepares for winter weather

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - As winter weather approaches, cities and counties are making plans to combat what falls.

Newport Mayor David Stewart said their plans for Thursday included getting blades ready for plowing and police ready for accidents.

He said they will have trucks out Friday morning with a focus on downtown and school bus routes.

Getting the blades and trucks ready is only part of the plan though.

"We'll do things like put snow tires on our fire trucks, which we've already done today," Stewart said Thursday afternoon. "We run an ambulance service out of our fire department, so they've already done that, they'll have snow tires on that. We'll make sure all of our generators are working in case we have more ice than we are expecting."

The police department also geared up Thursday for the accidents Stewart said they usually see during weather like this.

Jackson County planned for winter weather Thursday afternoon with people's safety in mind.

County judge Jeff Phillips said they have a sand truck ready to treat the roads in the morning.

The county also has trucks with blades ready to plow some of the snow off the roads to help people get out if they need to.

Phillips said their biggest worry is people driving when they may not need to.

"What I'm concerned about the most is people getting out on the roads who do not need to be out on the roads," Phillips said. "If you don't need to be, please stay home where you're safe, where you're warm, where you're dry and you're not in any danger or putting anybody else in danger. That's what we prefer."

Phillips planned to watch the weather and figure out where trucks are needed the most.

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