County road departments prepare for winter weather

County road departments prepare for winter weather

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Road crews have been preparing all week for the winter weather.

The Greene County Road Department got their equipment ready to head out the moment the snow comes in.

Road Superintendent Dave Tierney said he has split his crews to get the work done. Half of the crew worked Thursday getting the trucks ready and the second half will come in Thursday night and work into Friday morning clearing roads.

"It is not easy when you don't know exactly what you are getting ready for, but we are ready," Tierney said. "We plan all year for the winter storms so we are ready."

Greene County Road Department could not pretreat any roads, but they will clear them when weather comes in.

"The county does not have the brine systems that the state has," Tierney said. "I wish we did but we don't. So our prep is getting our equipment ready."

Tierney said his crew will work all night long if they need to so drivers can get around safely Friday.

"The safety of the citizens in the county is our concern. As soon as we can get on the roads, we will and get them cleared," he said. "We hope to have the roads cleared before anyone has to go to work in the morning."

The department asks drivers to please be careful if they approach any equipment.

"When you approach anyone's equipment on the roads, they are out there trying to get a job done,"Tierney said. Use caution around these guys.

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