"The Wall That Heals" Makes A Stop In Region 8

March 20, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- The Wall That Heals makes its way in and out of cities nationwide--but the engraved names have a permanent home in the hearts of loved ones.

"I came to find my brother's name," said visitor, Margie McKenney.

He was 28 when he was killed.

"I am very touched by it all--but sad too," said McKenney.

"Any tribute that we can pay to those who served our country is a well meaning thing," said another visitor, Cecil Wilkerson.

This wall offers history lessons to those who are too young to realize the significance of this traveling memorial.

"I think it lets them really realize what phase of that particular life was all about. People did what they thought they should do just because they were asked to--plain and simple," said Wilkerson.

It's called The Wall That Heals.

"I've had many veterans with tears in their eyes thank me for bringing this wall here," said Colonel Tom Davis.

Even if this wall is not here, the memories it provides, aren't going anywhere.