Winter weather brings drop in Jonesboro crime

Winter weather brings drop in Jonesboro crime

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As the temperatures begin to drop, so does the amount of crime in Jonesboro, according to the police department.

Paul Holmes with the Jonesboro Police Department said Saturday that police do not see as much crime in the city during the winter months.

He said there is not any one specific crime they see less of though.

Holmes said another factor in how much crime they see is how bad the roads are.

"Of course sometimes when the roads are hazardous there are fewer people out," Holmes said. "So we might see, temporarily, a reduction in some of the crimes we normally investigate. Unfortunately when the weather and the roads improve sometimes we see a spike as we have done this weekend."

The spike Holmes referred to was a string of vehicle break-ins the police are investigating from Friday night.

Even though there is a drop, the cases don't completely stop.

Holmes says crime is a 365 days a year business regardless of the weather.

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