Jonesboro police investigate 21 vehicle break-ins

Jonesboro police investigate 21 vehicle break-ins

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police are investigating several car break-ins that happened Friday night and Saturday morning.

The first set of incidents took place at the NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital where 11 people reported their car was broken into.

The Jonesboro police report stated some of the victims said nothing was taken.

Those who were stolen from lost firearms, hunting gear or laptops.

Another set of break-ins took place around Phillips Drive where about 10 people reported similar incidents.

Police responded to the first one around 10:15 p.m. at Academy Sports and Outdoors, 2800 Parkwood Road.

According to the police report, a man told officers that the passenger side, front window had been busted out and the truck had been rummaged through.

He said that nothing had been taken from the truck though.

An employee told the man that his truck was fine around 9 p.m., but it was not parked where the security cameras could see it.

Officers responded to the next call around 11:00 p.m.

They were called to Cracker Barrel, 2621 Phillips Drive, where a manager said his car had been broken into.

According to the report, the passenger side window had been broken out and, again, the car had been rummaged through.

The man did not think anything had been taken, though.

While reviewing the security footage, police noticed a silver hatchback pull up next to the manager's car and stay for a short time before leaving. The suspect was not in view of the camera though.

Several officers were then patrolling the area of Phillips Drive and Kazi Street because of the break-ins.

Officer Cory Medley noticed two vehicles with the windows broken out in the Hampton Inn parking lot around 12:30 a.m.

Both of those victims later told police they had handguns stolen from their vehicles.

One was a Sig Sauer and Keltec pistol and the other was a Springfield XDM, according to the police report.

Around the same time, Officer Bryan Davis found two vehicles in the Candlewood Inn parking lot with windows busted out of them.

One vehicle owner said nothing was missing out of his truck, while the other said a laptop had been taken.

Officer Davis then found another damaged vehicle in the Lexington Inn parking lot. The owner couldn't find anything stolen out of the vehicle.

Officers found one other vehicle in the Hilton Garden Inn parking lot and four at the Holiday Inn Express, both on Phillips Drive.

Out of those five vehicles, only one person reported anything missing. A Ducks Unlimited blind bag was stolen from one truck. The owner said the bag had shotgun shells, a digital camera, a custom knife and other hunting equipment in it.

The bag was later found on the north side of the road at Stadium and Parker.

Paul Holmes with the Jonesboro Police Department advised drivers to take anything valuable out of their vehicles at night or leave it at home if they can.

"If a thief walks by your truck and sees that your hunting equipment or your pistol is right there in plain sight, then its a target of opportunity," Holmes said. "So they don't need any help, please don't give them that help."

Holmes said police think the person or people involved in the break-ins are responsible for both sets of incidents.

Police do not have a suspect, though. These break-ins also match some that happened in Paragould earlier Friday.

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