Jonesboro magnet schools to host preview nights

Jonesboro magnet schools to host preview nights
"The Lion King" presented by Visual and Performing Arts students in November 2015.
"The Lion King" presented by Visual and Performing Arts students in November 2015.
Microsociety Magnet School student speaking on behalf of her school.
Microsociety Magnet School student speaking on behalf of her school.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Parents of elementary-aged children are invited to explore the world of magnet school learning.

A series of preview nights will allow parents and potential students a chance to tour JPS magnet schools and ask questions about the programs they offer.

"We welcome anyone who is interested in the magnet schools in general," Andrea McKinney, Magnet Schools Coordinator, said. "Also, if someone is interested in attending Jonesboro Public Schools, they should be encouraged to attend."

Preview nights begin with Math and Science Magnet School on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Microsociety Magnet School opens its doors for visiting parents and students on Feb. 4.

International Studies Magnet School is next on the list of preview nights on Feb. 16.

Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School follows on Feb. 18.

Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School will host their preview night last on Feb. 23.

Hours are from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. each preview night.

"Magnet schools are schools of choice that offer expanded educational opportunities for our elementary students in grades one through six," McKinney explained. "And they offered specialized themes. You know, trying to get the children involved in choosing their school and they take those themes and integrate them into the classroom activities and the day-to-day learning for the students."

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) integrates visual arts, dance, drama and music into instruction.

Math and Science engages learners to become aware of the real life connections among mathematics and science in their everyday life.

Microsociety blends technology, economics, citizenship and government into the core curriculum.

Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies (HWES) provides opportunities to explore physical, earth and life science in a fully equipped science lab, outdoor classrooms and vegetable garden.

International Studies (IS) is project-based learning while developing an appreciation for other cultures. IS offers weekly Spanish classes.

"Each school has something unique to offer and it can be a little trying for parents to try and decide what to do," McKinney said. "Trying to make sure they take their student's interests in consideration, as well as see them do what they would like to do. It can be a little trying; but it's always fun."

Registration for each school begins on February 25 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Jonesboro Public Schools Administration Building.

"That's when they'll turn in that application and we'll get started on placement for the next school year," McKinney said. "Everything will be covered in the day-to-day curriculum for the student. They will not miss a thing. All of those added themes will be incorporated in such as a drama class such as at the Visual and Performing Arts or Science at International Studies. Science labs, cooking labs. All types of fun things."

For more information, contact Jonesboro Public Schools Administration at 870-933-5800 or visit their website at

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