Crimestoppers: JPD seeks car thief

Crimestoppers: JPD seeks car thief

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department believes he stole a car at knife-point and at this point, he probably thinks he got away with it. Not so fast.

Before our suspect did the alleged deed he was caught on camera at the Jordan's Quick Shop in Brookland.

In the video stills you see the main suspect in this case. JPD is looking for an ID on the guy in the ball cap.

According to the report at JPD, he's suspected of bumming a ride off a friend of a friend from Paragould to Jonesboro. Once in Jonesboro, he allegedly pulled a knife on the driver and stole the car. The report says he also threatened to kill him if he told police.

The victim did call police and the police tracked the suspect back to the Jordan's on 49 in Brookland.

One more clue. The suspect has a tattoo on his neck.

If you think you can make the ID on this suspect, it's worth money. Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP.

Several agencies are on the lookout for the guys we have on warrant watch this week.

Matthew Cody only has nine warrants, but he still makes the list this week.

JPD has him for eight fail to appear warrants and one contempt of court warrant.

The cops in Jonesboro, Bay and Brookland are looking for Shane Boulton. He has 20 warrants from those agencies for contempt of court and public service.

If you can lead police to Shane Boulton or Matthew Cody, it could be worth cash. Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP. You can also text in your tip.

Take your iPhone or Android phone and type in 2-7-4-6-3-7 or type in the word "CRIMES" if your phone can do that. Then, in the message, type in 935stop. One word, followed by your tip.

Hit send and you'll get a message back from Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip number. This is yours to keep for any future reward. That's how Crimestoppers works, 935-STOP.

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