...And They All Wore Red!

March 21, 2005 – Posted at 10:22 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- The big game in Region 8 brought out some diehard fans. The Lady Indians took on the Lady Razorbacks in the WNIT Tournament Monday night.

"We've been here since about 6:45 this morning," said Indian Fan Fred Hargett, as he cracked eggs to make an omelet.

Hargett and his crew of 35 spent the morning tailgating and by making a little breakfast.

"We've got 15 dozen eggs and we think that will last for all day long," laughed Hargett.

And it was a long day. Cloudy skies threatened to rain on this parade, but it didn't stop folks from being excited.

"We've been waiting for this for a long, long time," said Indian Fan Scott Matthews, "It's been a long time coming. The ASU girls they earned it, they got the game."

"We are really, really proud of the way our Lady Indians have played this year," said Hargett.

The tailgaters--they dish it out as well as they take it, even heckling the Lady Backs Fans.

"We take our tailgating seriously, especially when it's NIT tournament games. So we're ready!" said Matthews.

"While we were out there waiting on tickets and stuff, they were telling me that the tickets for the Razorback fans we're over in the cow pasture," laughed Razorback Fan Kenny White.

But White knows it's all in good fun.

"I think it's great for women's basketball. This is exciting time for this area," said White.

And everyone's got an opinion on who is going to win.

"People who haven't been coming out to see the Lady Indians, they have missed a great thing," said Hargett, "We've got a great team."

"It's going to be a close ball game. I think it's going to come down to a last second shot and the Lady Razorbacks are going to win by one," predicted White.

And the ASU Convocation Center was a sea of red Monday night. Fans showed sporting various shades and claimed it didn't really matter who you were rooting for.

The sold out game packed nearly 11,000 folks into the Convo Center. An average Lady Indian's Basketball Game hosts about 2500 people.

Razorback fan Wayne Dover said, "It's great, it's great, I'm glad it's here. We're rooting for both teams!"

All you had to do was show up in red to blend in. ASU Fan Kyle French said the game was good for the state.

"This is a long time coming to Jonesboro and to the whole state," said French, "I would like to see the two schools compete in other sports. I think it's one of the best things to happen to Jonesboro in a while."

Both Indian and Razorback fans were surprised about the turnout.

"I don't think there have ever been this many people for a women's game, so it's a great atmosphere," said ASU Senior Emily Ingram.

"Everybody is coming out tonight," said Stephanie Nichols, Indian Fan, "This is an awesome crowd out here, so we're really excited."

But getting in the door wasn't an easy task. Tickets to the game sold out quickly. "I had friends who tried to get tickets and they couldn't get in. So I'm happy I'm here," laughed Dover.

And for ASU students, it was a chance to do something crazy. Many showed up with signs or covered in body paint.

"Basically all my friends just wanted somebody who wasn't afraid to get naked with everybody," laughed Tau Kappa Epsilon Member Jacky Gueffy who sported a giant red "E" on his torso. He was part of a group spelling A-STATE.

"They haven't played since 1983. It's a great place to come and a great thing to be a part of," said Ingram.

And according to 6-year-old Emily Richey, you don't want to miss the best part…

"When the cheerleaders start cheering!" said Richey.