A Better Region 8: Putting a human perspective on animal cruelty

A Better Region 8: Putting a human perspective on animal cruelty

It's a shocking video that went viral. According to a police report, Jonesboro police cited a juvenile for animal cruelty after he was caught on tape beating and kicking dogs.

Circuit Judge Thomas Fowler stepped in and entered an order allowing Jonesboro police to legally pick up the dogs, which were removed from the house shortly after. They will be held pending the outcome of the juvenile's court case regarding the matter.

The public outcry was heard and the judge's order to remove the dogs will result in proper care for the dogs in the immediate future.

In our society, we all react very quickly when defenseless animals are abused especially man's best friend. There's no doubt the welfare of the dogs is very important.

But what about the juvenile accused of beating the dogs in the video?

To me, that's the biggest and saddest part of the story. Now that the dogs are safe, it's time to focus on the welfare of the boy in the video.

The actions of the Jonesboro Police Department, Circuit Judge Thomas Fowler, and the person who shot and posted the video could be the driving factors in getting this young man some much needed help. People come first.

That's what's most important. Putting it all in perspective: taking care of our four-legged friends is something we must always do, but also focusing on helping the teenager and giving his parents the tools to raise someone who appreciates and treats people and animals with respect - make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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