Firemen honored at retirement reception

Firemen honored at retirement reception


Two Jonesboro firemen were honored Thursday afternoon for their service to the city.

Combined, they had more than 50 years experience.

Division Chief Craig Davenport and Captain Steven Wright are both retiring from the Jonesboro Fire Department.

According to Fire Chief Kevin Miller, both men grew up just outside of Jonesboro and served in the military prior to joining the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Davenport, who served for 28 years on the Jonesboro Fire Department, joined in 1986 as a firefighter. In 1995 he became a driver and four years later, he became a captain. Davenport was promoted to fire marshal in 2007 and has held that position longer than anyone else in the history of the department according to JFD.

Davenport was named firefighter of the year in 2006.

Wright joined the fire department in 1990 and completed more than 25 years of service. Wright started as a firefighter and moved up to driver in 1999. Five years later, he became a captain.

In 2002, Wright received the L.D. Dickey Award, a life-saving award named in honor of the fire department's first fire chief in 1899.

Davenport and Wright say the department has been like family to them and it was the best career choice they could have made.

However, it's not quite set in yet that it's already time to retire.

"I still feel like I'm gonna be coming back tomorrow and...I don't know... I think it's gonna take some time for it to set in that I'm not just on vacation or something," Davenport said.

"It seems like I've been here like 2 weeks and here I am retiring," Wright said. "It's been awesome though. It's a good family to work with. It definitely wasn't a was more like working with your family."

Congratulations to both Davenport and Wright on their retirement.

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