Theft leaves construction group out of business for a day

Theft leaves construction group out of business for a day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One business was put out of business Thursday after a worker discovered someone stole their tools, according to a Jonesboro police report.

Jeffery Crain, owner of Crain Seamless Gutters, worked a job on Rees Road in Jonesboro.

Thursday morning before he arrived, one of his workers informed him they had been robbed.

Crain saw his trailer empty of tools and the cut locks on the ground.

Crain said he is the only person in his family who has an income, and what he saw Thursday was, "a big punch in the stomach."

"We had to try to scramble around and gather up some stuff," Crain said. "I sold a trailer last night and 2 of my guns just to buy enough tools to get to work today. It's pretty hard, it hurts you. We pastor a church in Corning, Arkansas as well and so we don't make a whole lot of money. We just barely get by."

Crain estimated the person responsible stole about $7,000 worth of tools from his trailer.

He said some of the tools taken were items passed down to him by loved ones.

The sentimental value attached to those items is something Crain said could not be replaced.

He said it took him about 10 years to accumulate everything he had and plans to slowly get everything back.

Jonesboro police are investigating the theft but no arrests have been made. If you have any information about this crime, please call CrimeStoppers at 870-935-STOP (7867).

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