Doctors' offices, clinics full of kids with RSV

Doctors' offices, clinics full of kids with RSV

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A lot of little ones in Region 8 are sick right now, and they are filling up doctors' offices and clinics.

"Hospitals are full January and February every year with bronchitis," Dr. Lowery Beck said.

According to Dr. Lowery, Respiratory syncytial virus, commonly known as RSV, is making rounds.

"That's the most common virus that causes bronchitis," Dr. Beck said. "Mainly in young kids under two."
While it's leaving some kids sick and cranky, others do get hospitalized because of it.

At Apache Children's Clinic in Jonesboro, Dr. Beck is busy seeing kids fighting RSV.

"We've seen a lot of that in the last two weeks," Dr. Beck said.

While some children have a cough and runny nose, other cases are more severe.

Dr. Beck said as long as your child is hydrated and not running a high fever, it's fine to treat it at home.

"If it gets under their chest, where they have some labored breathing and maybe a little respiratory stress to where they're not sleeping and drinking well, that's when I'd recommend bringing them in to see a physician; when it's really affecting their quality of life," Dr. Beck said.

Sometimes, kids do have to be hospitalized for a couple of days to get fluids or a breathing treatment.

That's not all that's going around though. Dr. Beck said they're seeing a lot of Strep throat and stomach virus. He said thankfully, they have not seen a case of the flu yet.

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