Drainage program excites Walnut Ridge residents

Drainage program excites Walnut Ridge residents

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Some residents of Walnut Ridge were excited Monday as the city began its 2016 drainage program.

Mayor Charles Snapp and Lawrence County Judge Dale Freeman were on site as the two groups worked together to clear ditches.

Snapp said the city just did not have the big equipment the county had to clear out some of the debris.

The city's plan is to clear out a ditch off Main Street that will drain into the Fry Kellough ditch.

Alice Lamrock lives on Northeast 4th Street, not far from where the work was done.

Snapp said they plan to clear ditches in areas like Lamrock's neighborhood that sees a lot of flooding during heavy rain.

Lamrock explained what she sees right outside her front door when this happens.

"Just too much standing water and it's just horrible," Lamrock said. "I have a little dog I have to walk and I have to walk around it. My neighbors are our friends and they get flooded more than we do."

Lamrock said the water can stay for up to weeks at a time drawing in a massive amount of mosquitoes.

She said she supports the city's plans and hopes it will help her and her neighbors during flooding.

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