A Better Region 8: 'Super Tuesday' tornado outbreak, 8 years later

A Better Region 8: 'Super Tuesday' tornado outbreak, 8 years later

February 5, 2008, is a date that is seared into the minds of people across Region 8.  This Friday marks the marks the eighth anniversary of the Super Tuesday tornado outbreak, a day not easily forgotten by many Arkansans.

Twelve tornadoes tracked across the state of Arkansas, claiming 14 lives and leaving extensive destruction in their wakes.

That was also the day an EF-4 tornado was on the ground for a record breaking 122 miles.  It began in Centerville, Arkansas, continued through Ash Flat, and ended in Highland.

8 years have gone by since that tragic day. So what has changed since then?  Are we safer?  Are we more prepared than we were before the Super Tuesday tornado out break?

I invite you to watch our Region 8 Storm Team special report this Thursday at 10 p.m.  Ryan Vaughan and the team take you through the survival, the tragedy, how some are still recovering, and how Region 8 has grown stronger and safer.

The timing is good because although we are entering severe weather season, the February 2008 outbreak is proof that tornadoes can happen at all times of the year.

Remembering those who lost so much, learning from that awful day and making severe weather safety a priority makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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