Investigators Looking For Arson Suspect

This week's featured crime has it all. Guns, beer, fire, and 150 thousand dollars in damage.

This is all that's left of a 2001 Catepillar excavator. Craighead County investigators tell Crimestoppers sometime between March 10th and 11th someone shot holes in the excavator and lit it on fire. Investigators also found several beer cans around the scene of the crime. They also recovered five shell casings from a 30-06. The excavator is a total loss. It's valued at 150 thousand dollars. That could make for a pretty nice reward if you call Crimestoppers with the winning tip. CALL 935-STOP OR TOLL FREE 888-566-STOP. Your call is not recorded. No one will ask your name. Just tell police what you know, it could be worth cash.

Warrant Watch this week features two suspects and 16 warrants. We'll start with Regina Skelton. She's one warrant shy of double digits. She has 9 fail to appears. John White is a couple shy of Regina. He's walking around with seven warrants for failing to appear. If you know where police can find Regina Skelton or John White and want some cash for that information, CALL CRIMESTOPPERS RIGHT NOW, 935-STOP. You are completely anonymous. And if your tip leads police to make an arrest, it's worth money to you. Give Crimestoppers a call and remember, when you see crimes, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP.