Batesville Police help women learn self-defense

Batesville Police help women learn self-defense

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Batesville Police Department is helping women in the area learn to protect themselves.

The department's community relations team works to promote safety through self-defense and offer classes.

Classes that the team offers range from active shooter training to home defense training and now includes women's self-defense course.

This class is broken into three separate lessons. First, women learn safety awareness so they know ways to help prevent an attack.

Then officers teach the actual self-defense moves and finally the class gets a chance to practice and perfect the moves.

Scott Lancaster with the community relations team said knowing how to protect yourself is critical.

"The person who may do you harm is looking for a victim. They aren't looking for a fight," Lancaster said. "They may simply leave you alone because you look like you are prepared to handle yourself if they do approach you."

The department has had five classes so far and Lancaster said the turnout has been great.

He said anywhere from 75 to 200 women will come out and there are always people who return.

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