Former Saline County jailer convicted of domestic battery

Former Saline County jailer convicted of domestic battery

BENTON, Ark. (AP) - A former Saline County jailer has received a two-month suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to impersonating an officer and domestic battery stemming from a fight he had with his mother.

Prosecutors said Friday that Jason Charles Pilkington's sentence would be suspended so long as he isn't charged with any more violent acts.

Pilkington also must complete anger management classes and pay fines and court costs.

He was arrested last year after the fight with his mother. The day after the fight, Pilkington and his mother met at a restaurant to talk about the incident, but another argument escalated.

His mother tried to leave in her car, but Pilkington blocked the door. She walked back toward the restaurant but Pilkington grabbed her arm and pulled her across the parking lot.

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