Corning woman's yard set on fire from power line

Power line falls near bus stop
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - A woman in Corning warns local kids to find another place to wait for the bus after a power line broke and set her yard on fire.

Leah Kilbreath walked her dogs Monday morning but heard something unusual.

She said there was a loud bang and then she noticed the power line by her home was lying in her yard.

Kilbreath said the first thought she had was the safety of the neighborhood kids who were waiting for the school bus by the power pole next to her home.

She then learned that the line set her yard on fire.

Kilbreath said a few men from the FedEx business close to her home ran over to help but left before she could say anything.

"In the meantime, the cops had pulled up, I was talking to them and they kind of walked off and left without getting to thank them for doing it," Kilbreath said. "Knowing that grass was dead and that it was spreading so fast, I was like this could get bad really quick."

The fire stopped before it reached her home and the power line was fixed.

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