Crimestoppers: Burglars caught on camera

Crimestoppers: Burglars caught on camera
(Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)
(Source: Jonesboro Police Dept.)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police are asking you to take another look at a crime that gave us a really good look at the suspects a week ago, but didn't result in the right tip.

It's from a burglary case we first brought you last week.

According to a report, a home on Brazos Street was broken into in late January.

The victim's home security system got some great shots of the thieves.

At one point, you even see them exchanging a pistol.

The report states the pair stole over $1,600 worth of merchandise including a 12-gauge shotgun. Which makes this situation even more serious since a pistol wasn't listed on the report as stolen, logic would dictate they came armed.

If you can make the ID, Crimestoppers has come cash for you.  Call in your tip right now to 935-STOP.

We have 40 warrants to get to on Warrant watch.

Latisha Busch a.k.a Latisha Gilmore only has 10 warrants, 8 of them for failing to appear.

Then there's Maurice Burton.

Burton has warrants for everything from kidnapping and domestic battery to failing to appear.

The biggest line on his bio is 16 warrants for contempt of court.

If you know where police can find Maurice Burton or Latisa Busch, we have some money for you.

Call in that tip to Crimestoppers at 935-STOP or text it.

Take your iPhone or Droid phone and type in 2-7-4-6-3-7 or type in the word "CRIMES" if your phone can do that.

Then, in the message, type in 935stop. One word, followed by your tip.

Hit send and you'll get a message back from Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip number.

This is yours to keep for any future reward.  That's how Crimestoppers works, 935-STOP.

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