A Better Region 8 : The ongoing conversation about pit bulls

A Better Region 8 : The ongoing conversation about pit bulls

Recently, Region 8 News did a story called "The Bully or the Breed."  The story explored whether pit bulls are bred to attack or made violent by their owners and environment.

The comments related to the story were spirited and emotional.

Lori commented on our website saying: "Pit bulls kill, disfigure, disable and severely injure more people and animals than all other breeds combined. They are a menace to society, and anyone who chooses to get a pit bull type dog isn't just putting themselves and their families at risk, but their community."
Blake weighed in and talked about his fear of a totally different breed: "We don't all have to be hysterical over dogs, fact is I don't like brown Labrador retrievers, had a couple of bad experiences with them, had a relative that owned a brown lab and it was one mean dog, it ended up having to be put down because the dog went mad."

I must admit, when looking at the comments we got on our website and social media, there seemed to be more viewers saying that the problem is the breed.

We also did an online poll asking: "Do you feel pit bulls should be banned in your community?"

I thought for sure, based on the amount of comments against the breed, that the poll would result in more people saying pit bulls should be banned.

The poll was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

Fifty-four percent said no, they shouldn't be banned in their community. Forty-six percent said yes for a ban. That is a close result.

As a pit bull owner, I see the fear in people's eyes and I understand it.  But, I also believe that dogs and humans have one thing in common: Each one is different.

I've seen and experienced some mean, violent dogs that didn't look mean and weren't bred for violence. They just had a mean way about them.

And then I've seen my pit bulls who look like the real deal, but they're great family dogs with a gentle nature. It is possible.

We have to keep the conversation going and learn more on this together.

Communicating with each other, respecting others in their opinions and sometimes disagreeing makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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