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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A new video will highlight the Greene County Tech High School computer science class to the rest of the state.

The governor's office brought a team to Paragould Thursday to film Dr. Hall's class.

The state is putting together a video of schools with successful computer science classes.

Dr. Mike Hall volunteered to teach the class when the governor mandated schools to offer a computer science course.

He said he realized the need for this type of teaching.

"There is a tremendous need in industry for young adults coming out of college that are not afraid to code," Dr. Hall said.

Students in the class really enjoy it and say it is something new for them.

"It is different for sure," Logan Riles said. "I have always liked computer stuff since I was a kid and a lot of the other classes can be boring like English and all that good stuff. But this is different, it is something I enjoy."

While Riles has been working with computers for a while, other students in the class said math and science are not their strongest subjects. However, these students wanted a challenge and enjoy the class.

"Even though we might not be good at math or science, at least with this class we have not had to do a lot of specific calculations, but it has definitely taught problem solving and thinking alternatively," Mollie Mason said.

Mason said students also have freedom in this course.

"I have really enjoyed the creativity and the creative freedom we have with our assignment," she said. "He gives us specific things we have to do, but we also have creative license over what we get to focus on."

Many students are happy the class is offered and encourage others to take it.

"Once you get out of high school, once you get out of college there are so many jobs now that are pretty much moving towards computers and to not have a fundamental understanding would greatly restrict you," Clayton Liddel said.

The governor's video will be used to show how successful these courses are to schools that are considering adding them to the curriculum.

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