Gun show vendor wants support for what is in place

Jonesboro Gun Show
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some vendors at a gun show in Jonesboro on Saturday said some of the President's executive order to reduce gun violence is already in place.

Part of the order requires anyone who sells guns, no matter where they sell them, to receive a license and perform background checks on all customers.

Junior Cliff, the owner of Gee Street Pawn, said those checks already happen.

He said he has been a part of gun shows for 30 years and says the current system works.

"Most officials say this is a registration, this is not a registration Arkansas, this is a background check to make sure you're not a felon," Cliff said. "It's a good thing because I have had denials before that they don't get weapons, quite a few, and delays. So we've got a good system if we can keep it in place like it should be."

Cliff said he does not agree with everything the President wanted to do.

He described the people at gun shows as family who gets together every Sunday for a church service before the show.

Cliff said all of the people there are not trying to do anything malicious or illegal but just want to buy or trade guns.

During his 30 years of selling at gun shows, he has only seen one accident involving a weapon but no one was hurt.

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