A-State students voice concerns after Sunday lockdown

A-state students voice their concerns
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT
Source: KAIT

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Arkansas State University voiced their concerns Monday on the reports of armed gunmen on campus the day before.

Some students said they were not concerned at all since everything turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Others thought differently and said they are still worried about a possible mass shooting.

Robert Harris, a junior, explained what he did not want to happen at the university.

"I don't want our school to be associated with the school that cried wolf to where we're constantly having these active shooter drills and the police are coming out for nothing," Harris said. "To the point to where if we actually do need the police to come out here for an active shooter that they won't take it seriously and the students won't either."

Harris said when he first got the alert, he was worried about his brothers who were on campus at the time.

Sarah Cooper is also a junior at the school and worries about what could happen.

She said all the stories of shootings in other places sparked her fear.

"It definitely is a concern since it has happened in Jonesboro before but I think the response time, they were very vigilant," Cooper said. "Even though it ended up being nothing, I feel safe in the hands of [the University Police Department] and the Jonesboro Police Department."

Harris and other students said they would like to see a change in who makes the reports.

He said anyone could call at any time and say there was someone with a weapon that could be untrue.

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