Greene County Authorities Considering Homicide in Suspicious Death

March 24, 2005 -- Posted at 5:47 CST, updated at 7:14 a.m. on 3/25

MARMADUKE, AR -- A house fire in Greene County has authorities scratching their heads. They found the body of a 61- year-old Robert Wayne Westbrook inside his charred trailer last Thursday. He was laying face up in his living room. Now investigators think the fire could have been a murder cover up

"We treat everything as homicide first, until we rule out the different factors," said Greene County Sheriff, Dan Langston.

A shotgun was found close to the body, but investigators don't know if Westbrook was shot. The morgue took an x-ray of Westbrook's body, but didn't find any other trauma than what you would expect from a fire. The body was then sent to the state medical examiner who determined the cause of death was not a result of the fire. Now investigators want to know what happened. They are going to meet with the state medical examiner next Tuesday. They hope to determine what, or who killed Westbrook.