The 35-cent DIY fix to secure your home

35 cent safety tip
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

Home security doesn't have to mean getting an expensive alarm service.

There are several do-it-yourself methods homeowners can try that are also inexpensive.

Scott Parker, a sales employee at Barton's Jonesboro location, showed us a few alternatives.

The first, involves two 3-inch wood screws that will be inserted into the strike plate of your door.

Parker said the screws that are typically installed in a strike plate are 3/4 of an inch and do not go into the door jam.

Using a 3-inch wood screw instead would allow the screw to penetrate the door jam and the frame of your home.

"That will secure your door from a kick a whole lot better than just the little short screw that comes with it," Parker said. "Structurally, it does make a big difference. It's not going to stop someone from coming in but it is going to slow them down and give you that little bit of extra time that you might need."

Parker said this is not an option many homeowners would think about using or are even aware of.

"A lot of it boils down to human nature," Parker said. "If nothing ever happens, you won't see any reason to change it. I guarantee it somebody will think about it once they have their door kicked in."

I visited several homeowners in the Jonesboro area to find out if they were aware of this easy fix and if they would allow me to change out the screws in their strike plate.

Larry Adams was one of those residents who was interested to see how the screw swap worked.

"Oh lord!" Adams exclaimed. "I never would've thought this screw was barely in the wood! You know what I'll be doing? I'll be going to my other doors. I will tell some other people about this because there's a lot of people not aware of that."

Scott Parker also suggested some other easy methods homeowners can use to help protect their homes.

They include a peephole, a door chain, a double strike plate and motion detection lights.

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