Public meetings meant to help answer property code questions

New property code meeting in Jonesboro
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The new Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code has been a hot topic for most residents.

There are many people on both sides of the issues, some in favor of the code and some looking to repeal it.

One group, Repeal Property Code 105-2, submitted over 5,000 signatures to the city clerk asking for the code to be repealed and put on a special ballot for the public.

Others, like the Citizens for Jonesboro, are in favor of the code and think it would be good for the city.

Although the city council passed the code in December, the mayor has held off on enforcing it to allow time for reviewing it and educating the public on it.

This time included two separate meetings to help answer questions regarding the code and to educate people on what it entails.

The meetings were held Wednesday and two members from the International Code Council came in to present and answer questions.

"We are here to inform the citizens of Jonesboro about the International Property Maintenance Code and answer any possible questions that they might have about the code," Mark Roberts with International Code Council said.

Representatives from the city of Jonesboro were also at the meetings to answer questions because the city amended some parts of the international code to better suit Jonesboro.

People on both sides of the issues came to the meeting.

Some of the main questions raised were about how the code is complaint-driven, if there any fines that come with the complaints and who can come into a person's home when a complaint is filed.

The group worked hard to answer all questions, but some people are still not sold on the new code.

"There are some good points and I think we probably need a code in Jonesboro, but I don't think we need this code," Roger Watkins said. "It is patterned after the International Property Maintenance Code which crosses all boundaries and borders, it applies everywhere."

Watkins said this code is not good for Jonesboro and he hopes it will be repealed so the people can have a vote.

The city clerk is still counting signatures from the petitions presented by Repeal Property Code 105-2.

If there are enough valid signatures on the petitions then a special election will take place in May regarding the code.

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