Lawrence County officials hope to collect outstanding fines

Lawrence County tries to cut down on Warrants
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(Source: KAIT)
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Lawrence County officials are giving people with warrants the opportunity to pay their fines and lower the amount of warrants they have.

Sheriff Jeff Yates said Friday they have about $3 million in fines they are owed.

He is working with the county judge, Walnut Ridge mayor and District Judge Adam Weeks to get the program started.

The program will give people the opportunity to go to the courthouse and pay any fine they may have.

If they do not pay before a specific deadline, their names will run in the local paper.

If they do not pay after the ads, Yates said they will then be arrested.

He explained why people should pay their fines before the ads run.

"Well number one it's going to save them money," Yates said. "Because they're going to do away with the failure to appear, from the way I understand it they are going to do away with the failure to appear and just go back to the original charge. If you have a driver's license that is suspended due to the fact that you have a warrant they're going to allow you to pay that ticket and get your license back."

The sheriff's department will receive a list of all the names of people with fines so they can see who decided to take place in the program.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said they have about 409 outstanding warrants totaling about $441,986.

The Walnut Ridge ads are scheduled to run not long after March 14, with the rest of the county to follow.

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