Searcy's Main Fire Station Finds Temporary Home

March 25, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CST

Searcy, AR -- For now, an old office building is where firefighters from Searcy's main station are calling home.

"We've got plenty of room here, it's been a small transition, nothing difficult," said firefighter, Matt Greer.

Other than new doors for the bays, and a little bit of clean up--it's suiting these firefighters just fine.

"We're actually at home there.  The chief just got moved into his office, and things are sort of back to normal," said Fire Marshall, Phil Watkins.

Watkins says service hasn't changed because the station has temporarily moved; however, Watkins says you must put your equipment where it will do the most good.

He says downtown is where the station needs to be.

"The new station will sit farther back, and hopefully have some sort of drive through so blocking Race street won't have to happen," said Watkins.

"Definately looking forward to that--we'll be in a better location in the city than where we are right now--and just see the way it develops for us," said Greer.

Watkins says they are taking each day in stride--and they are looking towards the silver lining.

"We do have a great opportunity, the city does, to build something that will be here 50 and 75 years to service the citizens," said Watkins.