Walnut Ridge and College City discuss possible consolidation

Vote for consolidation passes
College City Annexation (Source: KAIT)
College City Annexation (Source: KAIT)
College City Annexation (Source: KAIT)
College City Annexation (Source: KAIT)

COLLEGE CITY, AR - A meeting was held at Williams Baptist College Tuesday night to discuss the consolidation of College City and Walnut Ridge.

College City residents got together to ratify the petition to merge the two towns.

Although it passed, a heated debate ensued on the pros and cons of the situation beforehand.

One positive discussed was the amount of police coverage that is not normally around College City.

Many felt positive about having the Walnut Ridge Police Department in the area for more protection and laws, but some in attendance felt that certain freedoms would be limited.

According to College City Alderman Jeremy Dutschke, the pros will definitely outweigh the cons if this passes.

However, he said what really matters is leaving it up to the people.

"I am pleased that this is actually going from the city council in College City to the hands of the people of College City," Dutschke said.

"That's where this needs to go and people need to have a voice. If it's voted up, then that's great, if it's voted down then that's great too. We just want the people to have the opportunity to make their voices heard."

Walnut Ridge will hold a similar process Wednesday night and if it passes, that vote to consolidate Walnut Ridge and College City will go before the citizens by the end of March.

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