A Better Region 8: Finding the right solutions for the mentally ill

A Better Region 8: Finding the right solutions for the mentally ill

According to Newsweek.com, nearly one in five Americans suffer from some form of mental illness each year.

When I talk to folks about it, everyone seems to have a story about a family member or friend impacted by mental illness, and a common thread sticks out in many of the stories: The severe shortage of help for the mentally ill.

And here in Region 8, we have that same problem. Jonesboro had a crisis unit but it closed its doors in 2012 and when that happened, many people suffering with mental illnesses were left with nowhere to go.

The impact can also be harder on those who have low income. The result is many with mental illness land in a place where people are not trained, or equipped to help them, and the sad truth is they tend to go untreated.

Some call mental health a prison, and that may not be far from the truth.

Thursday night at ten, Region 8 News anchor Diana Davis shows you how one family is facing a stark and emotional reality about their future.  She gives a very personal one-on-one look at how people with untreated mental health issues can do the unthinkable, and how it affects their families.

Diana takes you behind bars, and shows you the people who interact, and who are supposed to help the mentally ill, but don't have the proper training to do so.

It's also a problem that's costing you, the tax payer, a lot of money.

Taking the time to understand that there is a problem with the way we help the mentally ill, and working together to find the right solutions makes this A Better Region 8.

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