A-State Board of Trustees to consider changes to room and board rates

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's Board of Trustees will consider raising room and board rates at a meeting later this week.

Friday, the board will discuss increasing rates for A-State campuses in Jonesboro and Beebe.

According to the resolution, rates could increase at dorms on the Jonesboro campus anywhere between $75 and $130 dollars a semester, depending on where you live.

The resolution states the additional costs are needed to maintain or improve existing facilities.

"As long as they're actually doing something with the money and not just trying to milk us for whatever they can, I don't really care," A-State Senior Casey Goode said. "If they're actually going to use it and they need to raise it to help fix things or what not, that's fine."

Goode told Region 8 News that he's lived on campus his entire college career in various dorms.

Other students who spoke with Region 8 News shared similar sentiments.

"I want it to look good if I'm going to pay for it, you know?" A-State Freshman Dusteen Sieck said. "It's out of my pocket."

The resolution regarding room and board also includes information on increasing meal plan rates and flex plan rates.

That meeting takes place Friday morning in Little Rock.

If the resolution passes, the new rates would become effective the first summer term of 2016 in Jonesboro and the fall semester of 2016 in Beebe.

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