Woman's dog is in critical care after an attack

Dog attacked by two neighbor dogs
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CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 woman's dog is in critical care after the neighbor dogs attacked her.

Sherry Parks said her two dachshund-Chihuahua-mix dogs were out in her front yard on County Road 307 Wednesday when she heard one of the dogs crying and yelping.

Parks told police the two bigger neighbor dogs were mauling her dog, Baby, and playing tug of war with her.

Parks and her daughter ran outside to save the dog. She told police the two dogs then turned on them.

"She was being mauled by the neighbor's dogs," Parks said. "We quickly ran to her, kicking the dogs off her. My daughter grabbed our dog and then the two other dogs started attacking me."

According to the report, Parks said she repeatedly asked the neighbor to help, but he did not.

"I was repeatedly calling the neighbor to get his dogs and he stood there with a beer in his hand and did nothing," Parks said.

The Parks family rushed their dog to the veterinarian who treated the dog overnight.

"I don't know what we would do without Dr. Curry," Parks said of Dr. Heather Curry, a veterinarian at Animal Medical Center, 1115 S. Gee St. "She has kept us posted periodically and someone has been with our baby 24 hours."

The dog had to have surgery Thursday afternoon since the injuries were so extensive.

"The extent of her damages if we hadn't gotten to her in time, she wouldn't have made it is what the Dr. Curry told us," she said. "It is going to be a long healing process."

Parks said she is devastated her dog was injured, but she is glad it was not worse.

"I am so thankful it was not a baby or a child that we have in our neighborhood," Parks said. "If it had been a child I don't know what kind of damage would have been done."

Parks wants her neighbor and community to know it can be dangerous to ignore your animals.

"I really think we need to come together as a community or as a county and see what we can do to protect not only our animals but our children as well," Parks said. "We never know when a dog is going to attack, we always say what if and this time what if is reality."

Craighead County Sheriff Deputies cited the neighbor with an unlawful dog attack.

The family is also seeking restitution for the vet bills and are to notify the sheriff's department when they have a final amount to include in the report.

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