District asks drivers to watch for bus stops

District asks drivers to watch for bus stops

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Public School District is asking drivers to pay attention to the bus stop signs.

Transportation Director Mickey Long said the district is having problems with people speeding past the buses even when the stop signs are out and flashing.

"When you see those red signs you have to stop no matter which way you are going," Long said.

Long said the area where the bus drivers see cars passing the most is on the five-lane roads.

"The major problem may be just lack of knowledge, especially on the five-lane roads and I can see where that could be misunderstood," Long said.

When a bus stops and the sign is out flashing all traffic must stop, even if the car is on the opposite side of the road.

Long said the only exception is if there is a median or concrete wall separating the lanes.

The district wants to remind drivers of this rule to keep the students safe.

"There are so many scenarios when these children are getting on and off the bus and it takes us all to keep them safe," Long said.

Long said it takes a split second for something tragic to happen.

"I mean they react to what is going on and they run out to the edge of the bus and then someone coming around the bus could hit them so it is important when you see those flashing lights to stop, it is just that simple," Long said. "The person driving would not want to live with that, no one wants to live with taking a child's life or injuring a child."

If a driver violates these traffic laws, the bus drivers have to get the car make, the color, license plate, and a description of the driver.

Long said that is a difficult task for his drivers who are watching the kids.

"I don't want to say that is impossible but it is a difficult task for a man or woman who is trying to keep children safe on this side of the bus while trying to watch vehicles coming from the opposite direction," Long said.

Long also said the fine for disobeying school bus traffic laws can be hefty.

So to keep everyone safe and out of trouble, he asks drivers to please stop when the buses make stops.

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