Region 8 Doctor Travels To Southeast Asia To Aid Tsunami Victims

March 28, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CST

Paragould, AR -- It was a medical mission trip to aid those who literally lost everything, but their lives, during the tsunami that swept through parts of Southeast Asia.

When Dr. Lance Monroe was asked to join a group of other doctors going to Banda Ache--he proudly went.

"The government, and the people, said we need someone like yesterday. We called around and got a team of Arkansas doctors to go," said Monroe.

Monroe says what he saw was overwhelming.

"With all the structural damage from when the water came, everything was just washed away," said Monroe.

He says people were still in a daze-- still grieving from losing loved ones, and trying to get food, water, and medicine.

"They were so warm and friendly--even if they were living under a tarp, they wanted you to come see their home. We were just very grateful for any help we could give them," said Monroe.

He was up with the sun each morning, and stayed up late each night.

"We would just see people, just like you do here, only it was just real open. People would get in line and we would sit down with translators.  They would tell us what was wrong, and we would give them medicine," said Monroe.

Many lives were saved thanks to Dr. Monroe, and the other doctors, who put their lives hold--to save a strangers.