Paragould police say homeless sex offender moved

Issues on Homeless Sex Offender

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - MARCH 21 Update: A man considered to be a homeless sex offender is no longer residing in the city of Paragould.

According to a post on the Paragould Police Department's Facebook page, the Henry Martin is now living in a community in central Arkansas.


Paragould police sent out an alert to the public this week about a homeless sex offender in the city.

Police notify the public on their website about the registered offenders and where they live, but they had to use another outlet when one offender registered as homeless.

"The law does allow for sex offenders to be homeless, of course it is not an ideal situation for them or the public," Captain Brendan Baldridge said. "Unfortunately, sometimes you will have that and, hopefully, it is going to be a temporary status for this guy."

The department agreed to send an alert out through Facebook informing the public of Henry Martin, who is a Level 3 sex offender.

Captain Baldridge said normally he would notify the neighbors if a Level 3 sex offender moved in on the street, but he could not do that in this case.

"What we would do with a Level 3 offender would be to notify the immediate neighborhood where he was going to be staying, we would go door-to-door to the neighbors and let those folks know a Level 3 offender did live in that neighborhood," Baldridge said.

The main goal of the post was to keep the public informed and safe.

"I am not trying to make life harder for this guy, I just want the public to know he is here and that they need to watch out for him and any danger that could be out there to our kids or anybody," Baldridge said.

Since Martin is homeless, he will also have to check in with police more often than other offenders.

"If someone is registered as homeless they actually have to come in and verify that they are still homeless and touch base and check in every 30 days," Baldridge said.

Sex offenders in Paragould can be found on the Paragould Police website.

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