A Better Region 8: A-State vs. U of A, why not?

A Better Region 8: A-State vs. U of A, why not?

This week, Arkansas State University announced the 2016 Red Wolves football schedule. The season home opener against Toledo will be epic followed by a trip to see our old coach, that Gus Malzahn guy at Auburn.

This schedule is tough, and I can't wait for the season to start even though it's only March.

But there is a glaring hole in this schedule.  The Arkansas Razorbacks won't play the A-State Red Wolves. My question is why? Maybe they're worried that A-State could win the game.  Maybe they think they're too good.  Maybe they know that Coach Blake Anderson has the leadership skills to put his team on the right path. The only way to settle it is for the two teams to play.

There are many benefits to an in-state game between Arkansas and Arkansas State.  A great scenario would be to play the game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. A neutral field, where both schools would benefit from splitting the revenue.  It would have a strong economic impact because all the money spent by fans would stay in the state and it would challenge each team to be even stronger than they already are.

We are taking on Central Arkansas which means A-State is willing to play in-state teams. Now the Razorbacks need to step up and follow the example. How do we get them to step up? It's time for some trash talk on a Better Region 8!  We're going to send a link to this editorial to every media outlet in Little Rock and Fort Smith.  Razorback fans should reach out to Jeff Long, the athletic director at University of Arkansas, and let him know that up here in Jonesboro, we're up for the challenge.

The only thing standing in the way is ego. The state of Arkansas benefits, both teams benefit and the fans benefit making this a better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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