Eight Jonesboro Police Officers Compete for 3 S.W.A.T Positions

March 29, 2005 -- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Eight Jonesboro police officers want to join the Special Weapons and Tactics unit. However; there are only three positions. Tuesday, the candidates tried to prove why their name should make the list.

"The Jonesboro S.W.A.T team is one of, if not the best in the state," said candidate Seth Bruce.

Any police officer who desires to join the s.w.a.t has to get through rigorous training. Candidates don't know the specifics of their try out until they get there. The challenges are physically and mentally tough.

"You have to be mentally prepared for the situations you may encounter," said Lt. Roy Coleman.

Officers also have to take a written test, but S.W.A.T trainers save the best for last. Candidates have to drag a 175 pound victim, shoot a moving target and enter a house filled with shot or don't shoot targets.

"As officers enter the room they encounter targets there on the wall they have to distinguish who's a target and who's and innocent by stander," Coleman said.

"You just try to remember everything you've been taught over the years," Bruce said.

After a days work, they get feedback and hope they did better than their colleagues.

Currently there are 20 officers serving on the s.w.a.t team.