MAPC approves rezoning for Midtown Development

Redevelopment planned for Jonesboro
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission approved a rezoning request to redevelop an area near downtown Jonesboro.

The rezoning request involves 309 and 311 E. Oak Street, 1005 Cobb Street and 316 E. Cherry Street in Jonesboro.

That property, located near St. Bernards and International Studies Magnet School, is just shy of one acre. Currently, older homes are on the property.

Midtown Development requested to rezone the property from R-2 to C-1 LUO.

According to a zoning application from Midtown Development, they plan to consolidate the property for a mixed use development with five two-bedroom townhouses, two one-bedroom townhouses, and five single story houses.

"We're excited about redevelopment in Jonesboro, infill development" Midtown Development partner Josh Olson said. "Bringing nicer homes and available townhouses to what we refer to as Midtown which would be between downtown and the rest of the city."

Olson said this is the start to a 10 year plan to redevelop that area.

"We feel like people have neglected it and they've kind of moved away and it's our opportunity to bring hope back to that part of the city," Olson said.

He hopes this development kickstarts more improvements to "Midtown."

"If you look at where we're talking about developing, there's an amazing school, International Studies, the hospital, what we feel like are anchors for the community," Olson said. "That's how we picked to start in that area."

Olson said he and Midtown Development partner Ted Herget have traveled to Northwest Arkansas to give them redevelopment ideas.

"It's not rocket sciences what we've seen in Bentonville or the Fayetteville area, it's more of the same," Olson said. "It's enhancing the area for younger professionals."

The rezoning request must still go before the city council.

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