A Better Region 8: Realizing what's really important

A Better Region 8: Realizing what's really important

When it comes to doing a Better Region 8, our editorial board considers subjects that are impactful on our quality of life and what that means to each of us.

Many times, the subject matter highlights non-profit organizations and individuals who are making a difference.  Other times we tackle deep subjects and stir spirited conversation.

Either way, the subjects are all important, but it's hard to tell which ones will get the most reaction.

That was evident last week when A Better Region 8 focused on the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks and A-State Red Wolves will not face each other in football.

When we've done subjects like the lack of support for the mentally ill, helping our veterans, stopping internet bullying, the property code or politics, we've gotten feedback and a constructive conversation took place in our community.

But, talk about a football game and the floodgates open with reaction ranging from enthusiastic support to outright vitriol.

It's kind of sad really. When we take on the profound deep life subjects that affect us every day, we don't seem to notice as much.

But, mess with somebody's college team that they only get to watch on Saturdays in the fall, and the hatred and the threats to never watch us again roll in.

The mission of a Better Region 8 is to get us all thinking about how to make things better and to get people to have conversations.

By the feedback I've gotten I believe it worked, and I'm glad.  But, perspective is everything. Having strong emotions about a team is ok. I certainly fall in that category.

But, we also need to have conversations about the more serious subjects.

Reacting with this much enthusiasm during conversations about those will go a long way to the mission, which is to make this a Better Region 8.

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