Primary access road to Trusten Holder WMA closed

Primary access road to Trusten Holder WMA closed

TICHNOR (AGFC) – The primary access road to Trusten Holder Wildlife Management Area has been closed until repairs to a 3.6-mile section of road can be completed.

Recent extended flooding on the Arkansas, White and lower Mississippi rivers has caused significant damage to the roadbed making travel unsafe.

"Portions of this road are underwater right now, making a very dangerous situation if someone were to try and drive on it," said Mark Hooks, AGFC biologist supervisor at the AGFC Monticello Regional Office.

Hooks said extended flooding throughout fall and winter has severely degraded the primary roadbed, causing it to fail in several places. "The roadbed is so saturated from flooding that it cannot support even regular vehicular traffic. Any attempts at resurfacing the road cannot be done until the roadbed dries and adequate funding is secured for these major repairs."

The road will remain closed to all vehicular traffic until repairs can be completed.

Contact the Monticello Regional Office at 877-367-3559 with any questions you may have regarding access to the WMA during the road closure.