Drawdown at Nimrod Lake

Drawdown at Nimrod Lake

PLAINVIEW (AGFC) – The Army Corps of Engineers began a drawdown of Lake Nimrod on March 15, in an effort to improve aquatic vegetation, as well as make repairs to the dam, boat launch ramps and swim beaches.

The lake will be held near elevation 343 through May 15, which is two feet below the normal spring conservation elevation of 345. Beginning May 15 the lake will be drawn down another five feet to elevation 337. This will take about 47 days, depending on rainfall. Beginning Oct. 1, the lake will be returned to its winter conservation elevation of 342.

During the drawdown, boaters should exercise extreme caution because submerged stumps and shallow areas will be more prominent. All water activities such as skiing, tubing and operating personal watercrafts will be prohibited. A temporary boat access will be constructed at Anderson Branch once the lake elevation reaches 337.

Because of the extensive high water and flooding last year, swim beaches will remain closed this recreational season while work crews clean and repair them.

The drawdown exposes an extensive amount of lakebed and shoreline for re-vegetation; promoting water quality and fish production. Additionally it concentrates prey fish for predator consumption, promoting growth and production for larger fish.

For more information on Nimrod Lake and the drawdown contact Terry Gentry at 501- 324-6957, or visit:http://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Lakes/NimrodLake.aspx.