Missouri House passes $27 billion spending plan

Missouri House passes $27 billion spending plan

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri House has passed a budget with more than $27 billion in spending for the next fiscal year.

The Republican-led House passed 13 appropriation bills Thursday over some Democrats' objections.

The budget includes wording to block Medicaid patients from getting any health care services from Planned Parenthood when the fiscal year starts July 1. It also includes about $7.6 million in budget cuts for the University of Missouri system and a further $1 million cut to the Columbia campus.

Basic aid for K-12 schools would get a $70 million boost, but that would still be about $440 million less than what's needed to fully fund public schools.

The budget will next head to the Senate. Lawmakers have until May 6 to pass a final spending plan.

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