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Colt, AR -- Heather Flanigan Reports

New Plant To Employ 200+ In Region 8

March 30, 2005 – Posted at 2:49 p.m. CST

COLT, AR – K-Tops Plastic Manufacturing has announced they will open a new facility in Colt, Arkansas.

The California plastics company is a leading supplier of baby products in North America. Officials in Cross and St. Francis County have been working together to reopen the former RBX facility that shut down last April, and they've created over 200 new jobs.

“This area has always had a need for job creation and this is an opportunity for us and Saint Francis and Cross County to put some folks here,” said David Dunn, Executive Director of the Forrest City Chamber of Commerce, “They are going to pay some good wages and have some good economic growth.”

Officials from both sides of the county line gathered Wednesday morning for an announcement that Kolcraft Manufacturers will be locating in Colt.

“Both counties came together, you know this is not a Friday night rivalry anymore,” said Dunn, “I mean, we got to realize we got to think regionally and that the development of our area is what we have to try to come together and work together to make happen.”

And it's a move that's breathing new life into the old RBX building.

“When this facility closed they had 168 employees, so we're tickled to death that,” said Bill Thomas, of the Cross County Economic Development, “We're going be able to put those people back to work, here, and be able to provide good, quality jobs for them. This factory is located exactly between Forrest City and Wynne of equal distance. We got together and put together an incentive package along with the state and then recruited an industry for this building and we're tickled to death they're going to be employing about two hundred and forty people within the next year.”

The plant has three phases of production planned. The first is expected to be completed by July of 2005, the second phase by October 2005 and the final phase by early 2006.

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