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Marion, AR--Ron Smiley reports

Crittenden County Facilities Not ADA Compliant


Marion, AR--Crittenden County received some bad news this week by way of the federal government.  Last month a group of people associated with the American’s with Disabilities Act visited Crittenden County to examine how well the county was doing conforming to the American’s with Disabilities Act.  The county may not have flunked the review, but they didn’t do well.


“I really didn’t expect anything this size or volume.” County Judge Melton Holt said.  “From the time we sign this agreement and proposal they are expecting some things to be improved and fixed within thirty days.” 


The agreement Judge Holt is talking about is a promise from the county to fix things which did not fall in line with the ADA.  The document mostly focuses on ramps and paths for those in wheelchairs.  Door lengths were often times not wide enough, and ramps too steep.


These problems are common in buildings as old as the county courthouse.  The courthouse, on the national registrar of historic sites, was built in 1911.  Other county buildings are nearly as old.  But Judge Holt was concerned about buildings built after the ADA which received bad marks as well.


“The sheriff department and jail were built six years ago.” Judge Holt said.  “A big part of this report is regarding those facilities.”


Judge Holt says he will look into why those facilities are not already in compliance and will be interested in the answers he receives. 


Judge Holt says he is reviewing the documents concerning the ADA along with the county attorney.  After they review the files they will then take their findings to the Quorum Court who will then figure out how to fund the changes.


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